Public Speaking Competition

The search is on for the next Malaysian representative to the ESU International Public Speaking Competition. Come forward and show off your verbal prowess and gift of the gab! Who knows, you could walk away with a trip to London to represent Malaysia in the English Speaking Union (ESU) International Public Speaking Competition.

Essay Writing Competition

The ESUM Essay Writing Competition are held to encourage students and young adults to think critically and coherently and be able to write creatively on the theme presented. This builds confidence in their research and structural skills in parallel to their oracy education. The competition is open to age ranging from 13 to 18 years old.

Debating Competitions

“Debating, however, goes beyond merely standing up and airing your views. It involves extensive research and preparation. To be a debater, you have to be keen in reading, research habit, have an interest in the field, a good grasp of general knowledge and current affairs.