ESU Member Benefits

In addition to the numerous local benefits (workshops, English language programs and public speaking competitions). The International benefits is open to Life Membership only. However, due to the current pandemic circumstances, these services are suspended at the moment until further notice.

ESU Members should contact the Secretariat ( to arrange for the relevant documentation to take advantage of these benefits.

If you are travelling to London, there are choice offers on accommodation and dining. These are as follows:

T: + 44 20 7529 1565
F: + 44 20 7495 6108

  • Use of member-only facilities at Dartmouth House
  • Priority booking on room hire at Dartmouth House
  • Priority bookings for the Revelstoke Room & courtyard dining
  • A diverse events programme.

Please call Dartmouth House to book the Revelstoke Dining Room on
T: + 44 20 7529 1550.

Accommodation available to ESU members.

Charles Street, London
T: + 44 20 7958 7729
F: + 44 20 7491 4793

The ESU is pleased to offer its members preferred rates at the award-winner Chesterfield Hotel, located next door to Dartmouth House in London’s Mayfair.

Please quote ESU when booking, and show your ESU membership card upon check-in to obtain your preferred rates.

Others Accommodation & Dining

The Naval Club

38 Hill Street, London W1J 5NS T: + 44 20 7493 7672
ESU members can book accommodation.
Please email Kate Bond who will refer you to The Naval Club in the first instance.

The Lansdowne Club

9 Fitzmaurice Place, London W1J 5JD T: 020 7629 7200
Weekend accommodation at Guest Rates.
Please email Kate Bond who will refer you to The Landsdowne Club in the first instance.

Royal Over-Seas League

Edinburgh Overseas House, 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 3AB.
Please telephone + 44 131 225 1501 or email

University Women’s Club

2 Audley Square, London W1K 1DB
Guest rates. Please phone + 44 20 7499 2268 quoting your ESU membership number.

International Students House

229 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN.
Please telephone + 44 20 7631 8310

*Please reflect the standards of the ESU in your conduct at our reciprocal clubs. Your ESU membership card must be presented on arrival at all accommodation.